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 Skycam Ball-Tracking Cameras

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Frequently ask questions:

Q: What sports can you record?

A: Our Ball Tracking camera can record Soccer, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Volleyball and Hockey.

Q: How long can you record for?

A: Cameras can record up to 3 hours of game film.

Q: Does the game film come clipped?

A: Our Pro and Elite Packages come with all team highlights clipped.

Q: How do we receive the footage?

A: Footage is sent via a link by e-mail or text. 

Q: How far will you travel to record my game?

A: We travel anywhere within 50 miles of Boston, MA. 


Here's more information on our video partner: VEO

"Veo is a 180° camera with two 4K lenses recording with 30 frames per second. The camera has storage enough for several matches and a powerful battery. Our AI powered software uses neural networks and computer vision to automatically detect the ball’s possession and digitally pans and zooms in the recording. This gives the appearance of a moving camera that follows the action around the pitch even though the match is filmed with a static mounted camera." -Veo

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