Month in Review: April

Month in Review: April


Pylon7on7 Football recently expanded into the sport of basketball with their Pylon Pivot tournaments. They asked the #statlife team to head down to New Jersey to capture footage with our ball-tracking cameras. Although the event was for younger kids, it was filled with tough competition. Pylon Pivot will definitely have some stars coming out of the tournament circuit in the future and we can't wait to capture more footage for them.


Philly's Finest is a 7on7 football organization that invited us out to what was posed as a top tournament in the country, and they did not disappoint. The team lives for 7on7 football tournaments like this one. It was full of top players in the country, high-level competition, and plenty of plays fit for Sports Center's Top 10. 



In-Form Stats and Zinn Sports Group (ZSG) were excited to announce their official partnership earlier this month to bring video and technology solutions to amateur sporting events across the globe.

ZSG will assist with and advise on strategy, recruiting and operations for IFS, which provides an array of video and tech services such as live streams, game films, recruitment reels and real-time statistics for various sports. A key feature of this partnership will involve ZSG hiring and onboarding Video Service Representatives (VSR’s) to bring the highest quality of content to athletes, teams, leagues, venues and more. VSR's will have strong experience in the world of video, tech, media and sports so that they can handle ball-tracking cameras, live streaming, time stamping and client communication.

For more information on this partnership, visit or head to



Stats Tracking:

In-Form Stats is excited to announce the expansion of our services. We are beginning to roll out a stats platform for all sports. This stats platform will hold players stats, top players, upcoming games and team/player/event news all in one place. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements on this service!

3D Body Scanner:

Our next major service being introduced is our 3D body scanners from Styku. This 3D non-invasive body scanner is the fastest scanner on the market and can give you your metrics and data almost instantly. By taking this to market we can assist athletes, trainers, and your fitness enthusiasts collect data on their body, track changes, and ultimately help change the way they live!